Hi! My name is Ricardo Morin and this is my blog. I am currently developing HOWL, Highlighting Oregon’s Wild Lands. I also created RikiTraki, a GPS track sharing site. My interests include all kinds of geekery related to web development, both client and server side, web mapping and geographical information systems. I am an avid hiker, which is the reason I started RikiTraki in the first place. I also love latin music, especially Cuban genres such as Son, Timba and Salsa, and I enjoy dancing casino-style salsa.

In my blog, I will discuss HOWL and RikiTraki, but I will likely include all kinds of rants as well.

More Information

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I used to work for Intel Corporation and I retired in March, 2015. I am now freelancing and doing my own stuff.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and immigrated to these great United States of America in 1986.

I am married to Hilde, my favorite artist. You should check her stuff out. It is really amazing.

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